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At the Western Mass Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO meeting on Monday, October 19, 2020 the following resolution was unanimously passed


Whereas, the Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO is committed to the defense of democratic rights and the institutions of democracy regardless of party affiliations in our nation, and;

Whereas, the strengthening of democratic institutions is vital for confronting the COVID- 19 pandemic, the climate emergency, white supremacy, the drastic inequality of wealth and power, and other crises facing our country and the world, and;

Whereas, the current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, and Vice-President Mike Pence, have consistently refused to state publicly that they will respect the outcomes of the election and, in the case of their loss, concede their offices, and;

Whereas, numerous public officials, including the President, have begun a concerted campaign of dismantling of key infrastructure, such as the U.S. Postal Service, and have engaged in clear acts of voter suppression and misinformation designed to sow mistrust in the integrity of our national elections, and;

Whereas, workers in Western Massachusetts and throughout the United States must be steadfast in defense of our democracy in the face of President Trump’s neo-fascist tactics, including his repeated refusal to denounce white supremacist paramilitary organizations that have stated desires to overthrow American democracy, and;

Whereas, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has stated clearly that, “The AFL-CIO categorically rejects all threats to the peaceful transition of power,” and, that, “America’s workers will continue to be steadfast in defense of our democracy in the face of President Trump’s antics, and we stand ready to do our part to ensure his defeat in this election, followed by his removal from office”; and;

Whereas, Union members across the political spectrum are united in a fundamental belief that the votes of the American people must always determine the presidency, and;

Whereas, the Labor Movement and trade unions have played a proud and vital role in protecting democracy and opposing authoritarianism in many nations throughout the world, and;

Whereas, the presidency of Donald Trump has been a disaster for the labor movement, the nation and the world, posing extreme risks to the historic institutions of democracy in our nation which may require more widespread and vigorous resistance than at any time in recent history, and;

Whereas, the most powerful tool of the Labor Movement in our history has been the power of the General Strike, and;

Therefore, now be it resolved that the Western Mass Area Labor Federation, AFL- CIO stands firmly in opposition to any effort to subvert, distort, misrepresent or disregard the final outcome of the 2020 Presidential elections, and;

Therefore, be it finally resolved that the Western Mass Area Labor Federation, AFL- CIO calls on the Massachusetts State and National offices of the AFL-CIO, all affiliate unions, and all other labor organizations in the United States of America to prepare for and enact a general strike of all working people, if necessary, to ensure a Constitutionally mandated peaceful transition of power as a result of the 2020 Presidential Elections.