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WMALF Health Care Committee

May 20, 2021
4:00PM - 5:00PM
Repeating Event
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The Western Mass. ALF launched the HCC in November 2019 to focus on the impact of health insurance costs and benefits on bargaining and organizing and how we can help lift the burden of the health care crisis from the shoulders of the working class.  Much of our work has had a Single Payer (aka Medicare for All) focus (power-mapping to win Massachusetts Single Payer, meetings with Legislators, dialogs with unions about what happens to their health plans under Single Payer, and a Zoom meeting with Mark Dudzic of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer) because our unions and the ALF support Single Payer, as do the AFL-CIO and the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.  Indeed, the majority of US union members belong to unions that support it.