When: Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019, 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Chicopee Stop & Shop
672 Memorial Drive
Chicopee, MA

As more than 30,000 UFCW members and workers continue to negotiate with Stop & Shop, we must remember that these are people with families to take care of and lives to live outside of work. The draconian economic proposals of Stop & Shop not only threaten the industry standard of being able to afford a life with dignity as a food and retail worker in Massachusetts, but they also constitute a profound disrespect of the workers who have made the company so successful. Stop & Shop workers are standing up to a corporate giant who made more than 78 Billion dollars last year alone, but who is proposing to leave their workers in poverty rather than share that prosperity.

Fair pay for fair work! A life with dignity and retirement with dignity for all workers!

Stop & Shop workers in Western Mass have spoken, unanimously saying they're ready to walk off the job, to strike, if necessary to ensure a fair contract and a life with dignity for them and their families.

Our brave union family at Stop & Shops in Western Mass need our support! Let's show them they are not alone in standing up to corporate greed.  

Join us on March 20th, at 12pm at the Chicopee Stop & Shop to show our support for these workers in their fight for a fair contract and jobs with dignity